Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bugger the economy, I just want to bugger young boys!

I always check the Daily Telegraph site everyday to catch up on what the latest Labour "outrage" is. Usually this involves some baseless claim that Labour is going to tax breathing or impose a stealth tax on having sex or such like. And so it goes on and on and on.

I almost admire it's right wing contrairy attitude to all matters social and economic. Today, it published a piece of op-ed gold from its resident right wing lunatic, Simon Heffer.

In summary, he basically claims that life under Blair has gone to hell in a handcart and things haven't improved at all. His last paragraph is what really stands out though:

They [people lifted out of poverty by the state], Mrs Blair, the Irish Republican Army [note, just the IRA not the many people aren't being blown up anymore! lol] and those for whom the most important thing in life is to be allowed to sodomise 16-year-old boys are the only ones I can think of who have done well out of the past 10 years.

Ha ha ha - Brilliant. If you are in Australia and don't know the UK Labour government equalised the age of consent for same sex couples so it is now 16, the same as the heterosexual age.

What's so good about Heffer's statement is that he believes people who pushed for this change believe that 'the most important thing in life is to be allowed to sodomise 16 year-old boys'. Really? I'm not sure that I, being a supporter of the change, put the right to fuck a 16 year old up the arse as a more important priority than say climate change, alleviating poverty, maintaining economic prosperity or improving public services. What an utterly absurd thing for Heffer to say! Me thinks the man doth protest too much. If you see what I mean ;)

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rantandrave said...

Well, clearly he likes a young boy or seven himself, but you can't take his argument too literally; labour has done some good, but also some bad. I for one would love to see the labour PR machine admit their obvious mistakes (13,000 immigrants from the EU? Puhlease), rather than wash over them with more spin.