Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Underground wankers in speaking shit shocker!

Sometimes in my eternal fight against the "underground' and all the pretentious nonsense that comes with it, it's best to keep quiet and let the ridiculousness of it all shine through. This excerpt from club culture newsletter Skrufff says it all:
"The Village Voice suggested the rise of new rave is prompting a resurgence of beat-matching DJs on New York’s cutting edge alternative-electro scene this week, in a lengthy feature called ‘The Return Of Rave’.

“Breaking news: DJs are mixing again! Matching beats,” Trish Romano trumpeted, going on to eulogise Denny Le Nimh’s one year old weekly ‘rave-meets-rock party’ Ruff Club as the epicenter of the trend.

“I think it’s catching on, mixing, it’s definitely the way the music is going as well,” DJ/ co-promoter Le Nimh confirmed.

“A lot of these rock bands are being remixed by house, techno, and electro producers. Justice and Ed Banger records — that sound, that French harder house sound — a lot of the jukebox DJs are starting to play that, and noticing that dance music doesn’t sound as good when you don’t mix it. Dance music is the new dance music [my italics],” he told the Voice."

Dear oh dear.

One more thing - what the fuck is "New Rave"? Answers on a postcard please.


Pacman said...

New Rave comes out of rock, not dance, so it's not that surprising that they're irrationally excited about mixing. It's all new and shiny for them.

Shaun said...

What is New Rave music though? Any examples you can give me?

Shaun said...

Plus, the person quoted says 'DJs are mixing again!' which suggests that mixing is not new to them and also suggests that the man is a ponce. ;O)

Pacman said...

Stuff like The Klaxons

They call it New Rave because all the rocks kids are taking e's and dancing with glowsticks.