Thursday, March 30, 2006

The wife and I went to Taxi last night to celebrate our third wedding anniversary (ah, bless). Was a sensational meal, as to be expected from the Restaurant of the year, and a really nice ambiance about the place. I had deepfried GarFish with a Pink Grapefruit jus to start, she had a Crayfish cannelloni. Mains were Wagyu Porterhouse steak for me and twice cooked duck for her and we finished it off with the divine chocolate plate for two.

I recommend a visit there for sure although it is not as spectacular as Ezard where I found the service to be more attentive and the food slightly better cooked.


se7entythr33 said...

Congratulations! I can sense an imminent 3rd anniversary crackon!

Wrong Un said...

ha ha. We'll save that for Sunday morning ;)

Mernie said...

Congratulations Rowlands - such a good date to have an anniversary ;o)
Glad the meal was lovely xx

Dee said...

Aww, congratulations for your anniversary Renae and Shaun.

Mucho love,