Thursday, March 23, 2006

Saw this shocking program on ABC last night about ICE (Crystal Meth). A truly horrifying drug, apparently there are now more ICE addicts in Aus then heroin ones. It's so sad to see people who feel so worthless that they destroy themselves with drugs - one of the people featured was even taking it whilst pregnant. Shocking.

One thing that did annoy me about the documentary was the statement that Crystal Meth is now the 'drug of choice' in clubbing circles. No it's not. As far as I can see it still has a stigma attached to it and there is no way on Earth it is approaching the popularity of Ecstasy or Coke in the clubbing world. Once again, people having fun and dancing to electronic music are easy scapegoats.


se7entythr33 said...

That said, it's gone from me knowing nobody who used it to now knowing half a dozen. Either I'm getting dodgier friends or it's becoming more popular. Point made though - there is a vast chasm between ice and E use.

Wrong Un said...

That's true, I do know people who do it. But to say it's the 'drug of choice' in clubbing is wildly inaccurate.

Dee said...

F.U.N.N. surely?