Friday, June 16, 2006

England bloody England

Am feeling utterly dejected and miserable today after watching England's pathetic 2-0 win over Trinidad & Tabago yesterday. Yes, we won. But we were playing a team that are 47th in the world rankings who's most high profile player is Dwight Yorke, currently seeing out his twilight years down under for Sydney FC.


1) Peter Crouch is DIRE. Yes, he may have scored but that was purely due to his height and very little to do with his skills. He terribly mis-hit an easy volley, gave the ball away several times and looked out of his depth. God knows how he got into the England team but with Owen looking so poor it seems as if we'll have to put up with him.

2) Where is the passion? There's no verve to England, no pizzazz, no incision. Just turgid, long ball, no imagination football.

3) We can only score from a Beckham cross or free kicks. Admittedly, Gerrard did score a screamer just before the end but that was only down to a lack of concentration from T&T. Don't expect the likes of Holland and Brazil to allow that to happen. Why can't we score from open play?

4) Everyone looks knackered. There is just no zip to the the team at all.

Mmmm...I was actually predicting England to win. Seems I will have to revise that opinion. If we play like this in the 2nd round we are out. It's as simple as that.

Has anyone got a voodoo doll of Sven they can send me?

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