Thursday, April 20, 2006

Driving, cycling, spots and double chins

Yay! Today, I passed my driving test today which I am very excited about as you can imagine. My test went very well with even my reverse parking going perfectly. I had 5 bad marks out of 53 so scored above 90%

It's taken me a long time to get it (I'm 28 today) but I'm now pleased I can drive to the shops to pick up bread, milk and the papers on the weekend thus completely satisfying my 'no exercise on weekends' policy (bar dancing of course!)

The only irritating thing was that I had a massive spot on my cheek which I was not impressed with at all. At least it makes me look like I got my license when I was a spotty teenager though eh? Saves the embarrassment that I often have in Australia when I tell people I have been learning to drive – not being able to drive by 18 in Australia is like not taking drugs by the age of 18 in the UK : unthinkable.

I also noticed a bit of a double chin action as well going on – arrrgggh middle spread is upon me. Although I do intend to step up my efforts at the gym. Last night the wife and I went to spinning which I quite enjoyed, I think it brings out the masochist in you as being shouted at by some fitness Nazi is not usually most people’s idea of pleasure. Why oh why do they always have such shocking taste in music? I’ve heard it all in spinning classes: euro pop versions of California Dreaming, DJ Sammy, The Corrs and last night we were ‘treated’ to Scooter. Nice. Possibly the worst tune I’ve ever heard in my life but it certainly encouraged you to ‘push to the end’ as you convinced yourself that the faster you pedaled the quicker the song would finish. Alas it didn’t. Fitness Nazi even kept it playing to the end of it’s 32 bar outro. Bitch.

(and for those of who don't know, here is what spinning looks like:)


Mernie said...

Most spinning at my gym is done to hard house. Seriously. I've sat there cycling my arse off singing along to reva-lu-shun, reva-lu-shun, reva-lu-shun *eeek*

Dee said...

Haha, good work Shaun. :)

I've been thinking of taking up spinning when I finally join a gym - one step at a time though eh. ;o)


se7entythr33 said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday - sorry it's bit late but we'll celebrate in style tonight. As soon as I come up with a suitable costume...