Friday, April 21, 2006

Bush Lies - Wow what a surprise!

The depressing thing about this is that most people in their heart of hearts knew before the 2004 election that Bush lied about Iraq but he was still elected with an increased number of votes. The reason that Bush got relected was due to the awesome Republican strategy department and the fact that John Kerry was simply not a credible, inspiring candidate and his party had no coherent message. The same is true of the Tory Party in the UK and the Labor Party in Australia - this is why the leaders of the 'coalition of the willing' have not been punished - there has been no credible alternative and that is a tragedy for Western democracy.

Mind you, I still backed Labour in the last UK election, Blair may have fucked up over Iraq but I'd rather grin and bear that than let the Tories back in and start to ruin the improvements in domestic policy that have been achieved under Labour.

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