Thursday, March 16, 2006

Yeah, so I watched part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony last night. It was clearly directed by a failed interpretive dance teacher who had taken a little too much acid when she was a sixties hippy. A flying tram? A giant thong with Koala bears? WTF? Next you know they'll getting players from some unknown sport in Australia to carry the batons into the stadium....ah! They did, did they?

I never find these things remotely interesting or entertaining - what's the point in celebrating unity when these games are all about people trying to beat other people? Bollocks to 'we're all in this together' I hope that every country bar England loses and is slain under the mighty sword of St George. For me the commonwealth games were purely set up so that England could rub the commonwealth nation's faces in it again. The thinking must have been 'we own your countries and humiliate you on a day to day basis but that's not enough! Let's set up some kind of competition where we can really show Tonga who is boss! Let's call it the commonwealth games!'

All well and good of course but the English clearly did not predict that decades later little ol'Australia would have a sporting academy that would be the envy of a Commnist country in the old Eastern European bloc and would be spending the entire GDP of Tonga just to win gold in the 4 x100m Swimming Relay. Well good luck to them that's what I say. Swimming! p'ah! it's all about the Lawn Bowls clearly (which no doubt the bloody bruce and sheilas will win as well).


se7entythr33 said...

England's interest is so low in the Commonwealth Games that they failed to pick up a single sponsor and the best that they could do is get some unknown clothing manufacturer to do there uniforms for cost. Now their games fund which they have built up over the decades is basically bankrupt. Way to get behind your country!
Of course this story was 20 stories down in the sports section of the UK papers.

stuartwalton said...

Where the fuck is Tongo?

Wrong Un said...

Ah shit. I meant Tonga. Dur.