Thursday, September 21, 2006


Two photos took my interest on the web today. The first is of Madonna's brand new hair cut and very nice it is too:

The next photo is slightly more alarming. In order to commemorate her husband's death, Jake Kovco's wife has got a lovely tattoo of him slapped on her arm. Delightful.

A bit harsh to pick on a widow granted. But there is simply no excuse for such bad taste.


Tim D said...

Madonna's haircut is terrible mate, she's not in Hoxton....(well at least I don't think she is)

Elizabeth said...

I like Madonna's new hair. But made-up onlooker quotes claiming she looks "younger and sexier than ever" are clearly bollocks. She's looking elderly.

se7entythr33 said...

Madonna's haircut looks like any other $50 haircut if you ask me but as you point out, the real shocker is this tattoo. To me it just reemphasises the type of people that the army recruite. Chances are the they weren't living in inner city apartments when they decided to 'have more than a job' and sign up.
It certainly hasn't helped her chances of getting re-married.