Thursday, September 21, 2006

10 Most Hated Celebrities

The Age publishes a list of the top ten most hated celebrities on its 'Trash Talk' blog today. Two of my favourite gals were featured in the top ten, Britney and Paris. Boo!

To join in the fun here are mine:

1) Tom Cruise
2) Mel Gibson
3) Pete Doherty
4) Kevin Federline
5) Missy Higgins
6) Kelly Clarkson
7) Sandi Thom
8) H from Steps
9) Geri Halliwell
10) Jeremy Clarkson


se7entythr33 said...

1) Jesus
... that's all I can think of at the moment. Am I too forgiving? What would Jesus do?

Stevie said...

I actually don't know who three people on your list are! I need to read the tbloids more often. And leave Clarkson alone, he's a good sort;-)