Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's a Scorcher!

Britain has experienced it's hottest July day ever - temperatures peaked at 36.5c in Wisley, Surrey. Of course the UK has gone into meltdown over this as it once again reasserts it's claim to be the country in the world that is the most incapable of coping with extreme weather.

One great thing though about the onset of the extremely hot weather is that it has heralded the annual appearance of a quintessential British classic - The Sun's 'Phew What a Scorcher Guv'nor!' splash.

All the boxes have been ticked...

- Is the temperature in the headline expressed in Fahrenheit rather than Celsius as this makes it look like really really hot ? Tick!

- Is there a picture of some fit bird probably called Denise on her lunch break from Natwest, frolicking in a bikini in a fountain in Trafalgar Square / Lake in Hyde Park / Random waterfall? Tick!

- Is there reference to how the temperature in the UK was better than that in [insert Caribbean / Mediterranean resort] ? (That'll show Johnnie Foreigner who is the boss when it comes to super soaraway scorchers!) Tick!

- Have some Page Three girls been wheeled out to perform some wacky stunt in the sun for the benefit of the hardworking lads of the world? Tick! (go here)

ha ha - it's so predictable but still gives me as much joy as in previous years....Go the Sun! ha ha

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