Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup Fever

So, it is almost upon us! Hurrah for the World Cup starting. I'm quite surprised by the amount of hype there is in Australia regarding this but I also recognise that as soon as Australia get knocked out the residents of Melbourne will once again think that the clash between Essendon and Collingwood is the best sporting event in the world EVER!

So here are my predictions!

Winner: England. This is the first time I've ever predicted a win for England but I just have a gut feeling that this will be our year.
Beaten Finalist: Germany. Well it just has to be doesn't it?
Biggest flop: Italy. I predict they will go out in the group stage.
Overachievers: Australia - I reckon with Guus in charge they could make the Quarter Finals.

So here's to four weeks of staying up till 2am, getting up at 5am and desperately trying to contain my optimism regarding England's chances.

I just have one request for the Aussies out there: please stop calling it 'soccer' just for these four weeks? Please? You'd make me a very happy man.


se7entythr33 said...

I did read a very good article once, by an Englishman I believe on why the English should get over soccer being called soccer. Why bother with a confusing name that could refer to any number of sports when there is another name which eliminates all confusion. Surely it is just stubbornness. The other issue is that soccer is really just an abreviation of Association Rules Football so really it's calling it football anyway. The word soccer comes from Oxford, Enland and not America or anywhere else.
It seems it was the practice amonst the well bred students of Oxford in the 1880's to abbreviate words whilst adding "er" to the end; "brekkers" for breakfast for example.

On asked if he wanted to play "rugger" (i.e. the "rugby rules") a student replied "no, soccer", an abbreviation of "association", or the
"association rules", i.e. the rules of the Football Association in London.

"Footer" was also used, but could have referred to either code.

David Pickering's "Soccer Companion" (Cassell, 1994) names the student as Charles Wreford Brown, later an England international and F.A.

Wrong Un said...

I dont think we should accept any words made up by Oxford hoorah henrys (apologies Mernie ;) ) to be gospel to be honest. Soccer may be the abbreviated term used then but it's clear what the actual name is, and that is football. It's not a confusing name to the majority of the world where football is the name of the game. Clubs aren't suffixed with SC, they are suffixed with FC - FOOTBALL club. FIFA is: Fédération Internationale de Football Association, NOT Federation Internationale de Soccer Association. It's football. End of. :P

Wrong Un said...

It's pretty much only in the ex-colonies where it is described as 'soccer'....

se7entythr33 said...

Yes obviously the word football is the official abbreviation for most of the world and I don't think that should he changed, but the A in FA and FIFA does stand for Association so I do think that soccer is a suitable alternative abbreviation for a game in a country where three other football codes, all clamering to be recognised as 'football', are more popular than soccer.
As a side note, rugby union split from football/soccer in 1863 because the rugby supporters wanted no part in a game that 'forbade tripping, shin-kicking and carrying the ball'. Thank god that somebody stood up for shin kicking and we now have the game they play in heaven, rugby union!

Wrong Un said...

And just think. If Heaven was recognised as a country in it's own right there would then be three whole countries with rugby union as their recognised national sport. Bless.

Mernie said...

Are you suggesting in some way that I'm a Hooray Henry? :oP

And of course it's football.