Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Reasons to despair

Lots of bad news floating around today.

Firstly, the UK government is set to introduce stricter drug laws. Madness.

Secondly, the Australian government has decided to prevent gay people in the ACT having the same legal rights as hetrosexual people. Nice. Once again Conservatives portray the right of gay people to join in union as a threat against the institution of marriage. It's a load of bollocks. End of.

I'd like them to do a survey of the millions of people who are married in this country and ask them if they feel that their marriage will be threatened by Adam & Steve being able to join in a civil partnership. I reckon the results would speak for themselves. I just cannot understand how allowing same sex people to have civil partnerships will threaten marriage? If someone does understand can they please explain it to me? Of course the easiest explanation is that this push for civil unions is being stopped simply because Howard and Ruddock are disgusting, bigotted, fuckwitted, homophobic cunts. But nah, that can't possibly be the case eh?