Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Big Bros Antics

Michael was unveiled on Big Brother last night as Big Brother's 'insider'. If you haven't been watching Big Brother then I won't bore you with the details of what that involved or what it means since you clearly won't give a flying monkeys about it. I suggest you probably stop reading now in fact.

However, for the rest of you, I'll continue.

Now, you'd think in a competitive gameshow environment that the housemates would have forgiven Michael for the tricks he played on them as the insider as he had no choice in the matter (do it or be evicted). However, some of them completely lost the plot and there were more tears shed in the house than there were in my back garden when England lost to Argentina in 1998. WTF? Are these bunch of morons so emotionally retarded that they cannot cope with the fact that someone manipulated them in A GAME SHOW - And through no fault of his own I may add.

David looked like he'd just seen his Mum get buggered by Steve Irwin as he sulked his way through the evening and proclaimed that people like Michael were the reason why he lived 5 hours drive from Brisbane in the middle of nowhere. Well good! I'm glad you live out there you pathetic excuse for a human being. What good would you be in a city anyway? You probably couldn't cope with more than two cars being on the road at one time and would have a nervous breakdown everytime someone asked you for some spare change to feed their smack addiction.

Anna, the uber-bitch, also started blubbing like the snivelling little cow she is as she explained that Michael's fabricated story about custody of his 'child' was emotionally damaging to her as she never grew up with a dad either. Oh dear. Anna, yes you, stupid blonde bitch in the corner - IT"S A GAME SHOW - HE HAD TO DO IT. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU ANNOYING BINT.

Krystal, the daughter of 'hippy' Karen, who likes to spend 6 hours a day trying to make herself look as unattractive as possible also joined in on the moral pontification saying '"He was already being annoying enough! It's such a sensitive topic, for me who never met my father." What else is a sensitive subject for you? Maybe that your fake tits DON'T make you interesting, that you apply 15 tonnes of slap to your face every day in a vain attempt to look attractive (fuck, this girl puts on new make up when she has a shit) or that you are a bland, boring, uninspiring retard. I reckon the fence outside my house has more opinions than you do.

But saying that, some people did act appropriately and honorable mentions must go to John, Gaelan and Katie. Who all appear not to have had their sense of perspective and humour removed from their brains before entering the house.

As for Michael, yeah I still think he's a cunt. But a cunt I now feel a little sorry for.

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