Thursday, April 13, 2006

Philip Ruddock shows he is a man of integrity by saying that David Hicks can return to Australia if he is released from Guantanomo Bay. Gee, that's nice of you Philip! Meanwhile, it looks as if the only way Hicks is going to get out anytime soon is by claiming British Citizenship (The British have got all of their citizens out). This is a shameful situation for the Australian government. It should be their responsibility to try and uphold the legal rights of their own citizens, this isn't a British problem and it is shocking that a person has to claim another citizenship to try and see their legal rights enforced.

David Hicks may be a 'criminal' but he deserves due process and not to be locked up for 4 years without a trial date in sight. What the US are perpetrating in Camp X Ray is faciscm and Australia should not be aiding and abetting this flagrant abuse of human rights.

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