Thursday, April 06, 2006

Despite swearing that our (the Wife and I) Eastenders days were behind us we've recently been sucked back into the Eastender's vortex and are watching it again (on UK TV.)

When we first bought Foxtel I turned on 'enders just to show myself how far it was behind the UK run and that it would be pointless just watching episodes I've already watched. Reminded me of having a cigarette a few months after I gave up smoking just to *really* make sure I didn't like it. Anyway, the wife and I worked out that it was at least a year and a half, possibly two behind the UK and although we watched the odd 5 minutes I really thought our addiction was broken. Then this week happened.

By chance we flicked over to UK TV one night...

'Shit, I don't think we've seen this one' says the Wife. 'Oh we must have' I replied, in self denial. I knew we hadn't seen it and that the Australian broadcast had caught up with the point we left the UK. Fuck Fuck Fuck. 'No, I'm sure it's up to date now' she said, 'maybe' I replied knowing full well that the answer was definitely. And WHAM! that was it - like the last year and 6 months never happened, I remembered it all so clearly - Den back in the Square, Sharon and Dennis hiding their love for each other, Ian and that dappy bird trying to hide their feelings due to her being married to a desperately ill bloke, that ultra pikey family no one cares about, Dot and Jim's 'comedy' relationship. I felt at home again, amongst the family. And the best thing of all? It's on twice a day here - two episodes back to back. Bugger the denial, let the bad soap addiction begin again. I've missed you Albert Square!

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