Monday, May 29, 2006

Ecstacy causes violent crime!

The Observer, usually a voice of sanity in this wild world of ours, had a very large report in it this Sunday about the shocking rise in violent crime in the UK and the equally shocking conviction rate. So what's the reason for this upsurge in violence on Britain's streets? Ecstacy. Obviously! Quote:

'a female judge at one of the country's busiest crown courts blamed changing social mores and alcohol. 'In the Eighties, the pubs shut at 11pm and the clubs by 1am or 2am. There were no alcopops, and women didn't start the evening by knocking back a series of double-measure shorts. Now, with dance music, ecstasy, and much harder drinking, young people are accustomed to staying out all night. The behaviour of women has changed especially: they're much more sexually aggressive and aggressive generally; some are armed. We see people accused of committing serious violence that we never saw 20 years ago, and some of them are women. At the same time, they are being exposed to much greater risks.'

So this is all happening, in part, to people staying up all night listening to doof doof music and taking happiness enhancing chemicals! Of course. The first thing you want to do whilst high on Ecstacy is not hug the person next to you and reach for the lasers, but get out your Stanley Knife and stab the person throwing shapes on the podium.

If more people spent more time listening to repetitive beats inside clubs whilst high on MDMA and less time sinking pint after pint in Yates Wine Lodge there'd be far less violent crime. The reason why so many people like clubbing is because it is a world away from the Saturday night crime fest that infects so many of the Britain's high streets. Clubbing is the antithesis to this 'scene' not a cause of it's problems.

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