Tuesday, May 02, 2006


'Bomber' Beazley shows an amazing lack of political judgment by attacking the Howard Govt. over the Tasmanian Mine incident. He may be right in what he is saying but surely now is not the time to try and score political points over this while the two men are still down there? Could this have not waited until they are rescued? This is yet another example of why he is not suitable to lead the main opposition in this country.

Meanwhile, his approval ratings fall even lower. Labor have go to sort this out and fast if they have any hope of recovering to put up a good fight in next year's election....

The Australian attacks Beazley's leadership in today's editorial but to be honest, being attacked by The Australian is no bad thing. When they talk about the party's 'need to reform' what they really mean is that they wish Labor would drop it's ideology & principles and accept the Liberal Party's way of thinking. Drop opposition to full fee paying courses, drop opposition to millionaires receiving family benefits, drop opposition to lack of funding for public education and public healthcare. The Labor Party should not drop any of these things. The problem Labor has is a lack of visionary and firm leadership. Only by getting rid of Beazley will they be able to portray their values as those that can benefit Australians.

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